E-invoice is the abbreviation of « electronic invoice » and is an alternative to BVR payment slips.
You receive your e-invoices where you ay them, directly in your e-banking.


  • Practical: Manually entering the insufferably long BVR reference numbers in your e-banking is over.
  • Fast: Check and pay your invoices with a few clicks. You can check it or refuse it with one click.
  • Dematerialisation : With e-invoices you save time and paper.


  • Check that your bank (e-banking) supports e-invoices : over 80 banks do.
  • Check that your supplier can issue e-invoices : over 900 companies and public administrations already offer e-invoices.
  • Register on the
  • Select the suppliers: in the list of invoice issuers, select the company from which you now wish to receive invoices in electronic format. You will then receive all issued invoices in e-invoice format only from those selected companies.

What about WinEUR software and e-invoices?

A perfectly integrated process in WinEUR’s software, you can issue invoices that will land directly in the e-banking of your debtor and vice versa, receive invoices from your supplier electronically directly into your accounting !

Even more information on all WinEUR software by clicking HERE .

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