GIT’s newsletter, WinEUR News, is online!

You can read about payments with the ISO 20022 norms, e-invoices and also discover the latest developments of the WinEUR Expenses application.

This newsletter precede the transmission of the download link for the update of various WinEUR software, transmission to all clients with a GOLD or GRANIT service contract. All new features and improvements that are in the update are listed:

  • General new features but also in Great Ledger, invoicing, WinEUR IZI-CLIK and WinEUR FLOX as well as accounting of securities (WinEUR Portfolio).
  • General improvments, in the Great Ledger, WinEUR Analytics, AP/AR, Fixed Assets, WinEUR Archive, CRM, WinEUR Portfolio, FLOX but also in what pertains to commercial management, in particular invoicing and WinEUR Time Sheets.

Also discover, if you haven’t already, the three tutorials presenting the advantages and main features of WinEUR FLOX, WinEUR IZI-CLIK and WinEUR Archive on our Youtube channel to which we invite you to subscribe: click HERE.

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