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A few months ago, TCS Geneva, a user of WinEUR software since 2007, adopted the WinEUR FLOX module, a program for remote invoice validation via the Internet.

TCS employees see the benefits of its use every day thanks to:
. rules and management of multiple signatures,
. validation prior or after assignment to an account,
. possibility of assigning to Great Ledger and analytic accounts by validators,
. and also the automatic email reminder system.

WinEUR FLOX, or how to validate invoices remotely via internet: no more forgotten invoices, suppliers paid on time and significant time saving for everyone.

More information on TCS Geneva: official website HERE.

Amaris is an independent international consulting group in Technologies & Management created in 2007. Our job is to assist clients in the realisation of their projects. We act within their organisation to help them improve their efficiency and performance.

Amaris sets up in big cities and assists its clients on their international sites while maintaining a close relationship that defines it. In 2016, the Amaris Group was present in over 60 locations worldwide, had over 500 big accounts and went from 20 employees in 2007 to 2650 today.

Since 2010, Amaris chose GIT and their WinEUR software suite. Very satisfied from the start, we were worried that these solutions could not keep up with our evolution. Knowing of other ERPs and their offer, we have kept our trust with GIT and today all the group’s accounts are kept with WinEUR software. They accompany our development and have adapted perfectly to our fast growth.

GIT is now a reliable partner, close to our teams, who know how to listen and evolve with us so that our accounting is ever more efficient. GIT and AMARIS group fully share the same philosophy, “the proximity and flexibility of a local partner…“!

Olivier Brourhant
CEO, Amaris


ikeaAugust 31st 2001, the IKEA Group has 143 stores in 22 countries. In addition, 20 sales points owned by franchise outside of the IKEA Group in 13 countries / territories. Purchases: IKEA has about 2,000 suppliers in 55 countries and 40 purchasing offices in 33 countries. Swedwood industrial group: the industrial group of IKEA has 33 factories in 10 countries. Billing of IKEA suppliers: what a feat! Security and robustness. It is this great stability that has enabled us to deal with relative serenity the mandate to develop a supplier invoice management model for the Swedish furniture giant IKEA. Handling no less than a million invoices per year that are consolidated all around the globe.

EYWe offer a wide range of integrated services in the field of accounting. Our qualified staff will assist you. These professionals have the latest infrastructure and tools at their disposal.

EYThe Mazars Group is an organisation of 18’000 professionals active in 79 countries on 5 continents. A leading international player, Mazars has been in Switzerland since 1975. With 150 professionals located in offices in Geneva, Fribourg, Lausanne, Sion and Zurich Mazars offers services in auditing, taxation, advice to companies, as well as accounting and financial support. Its client portfolio includes multinationals, key accounts, SMEs and individuals. All of them recognise Mazars corporate culture based on diversity, independence and commitment. We have been using and know the WinEUR software suite for many years and are fully satisfied with it. In addition, specific modules such as titles, AP/AR and payroll allow us to offer a wide range of services to our clients. GIT always meets our demands as well as those our customers and also provide the most effective solutions.

EY“When our company decided to computerise several years ago, we had a consultant come in to advise us on the equipment and software to install. The issue of equipment was solved quickly and we chose a single corporate network of PC-compatible hardware. We use the industry standard for our office software like word processing and spreadsheets. One of the key elements of a dynamic and rapidly expanding SME is financial control. Management must have, at all times, a global view of the financial situation and really trust the figures that come out of an accounting report. The work overload, normal for any new company, required of the administrative team is not conducive to comprehensive training of new users. Handling of a new software should be easy and intuitive, which is a real strength when it comes to GIT’s accounting software. Moreover, right from the start of our business relationship, we have always received special attention from the support team and even developers when integration with other software was on the table. With the expansion of our company, integration of accounting software with newcomers, such as customer tracking software, has been a strong demand from us. We are particularly pleased with our collaboration with GIT for everything relating to developments specifically requested by some interfaces between our different IT systems. The easy to use software, the adaptability of its programmes and the quality of the support team make GIT a company we warmly recommend.” Richard Mathys, CEO.

EY“Why did we opt for the SaaA version of WinEUR?
When we created our fiduciary end of 2009, the issue of choosing an accounting software was crucial, as it is our main work tool.
What made us choose WinEur, besides of course the fact that it is a proven software that has all the standard accounting features, was the ability to have a version in SaaS. At the beginning of our activity, we had very few funds and little time to deal with everything. SaaS allowed us to quickly get to our accounting software with our internet connection, without having to worry about server, network or back-up issues. Security of computer data is not our business and we are confident of the professionals who take care of it far better than us. Similarly, we don’t have to worry about updates, version compatibility with our operating systems and other IT hassles that are a nightmare for non-specialists. All we need is a computer and an internet connexion.
SaaS also provides us with a mobile connectivity solution, since it allows us to connect to our accounting data from home or at the client’s. Create a network ourselves to which we can connect remotely ? We would not even know where to start!
Finally, financially speaking, SaaS was also the right solution as we avoided making significant investments in equipment and software at the outset since it is a rental, payable monthly. Although today our fiduciary is well established, we continue to believe that SaaS is a good solution that allows us to focus on our core business and leave IT concerns to others” Sandrine Meyer-Song, Director Fiduciary Comptabilis.