M-FILES is the essential tool to manage your documents

Electronic Document Management system (EDMS), helps companies, regardless of their size, to find, share and secure all documents and information electronically. By adopting M-FILES software, you are saving time for everyone and safely archiving your date!

GIT, historic retailer of M-FILES software in Switzerland, will help you install this EDMS software that enables:

  • Document management system(DMS)
  • Enterprise content management (ECM)
  • Enterprise Information management (EIM)
  • Integration with WinEUR software (Accounting and DocuRH): invoice management, contract lifecycle management (CLM) and HR
  • Certified Iso 9001:2018, M-FILES will become an indispensable aid in your internal quality and safety process.

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Product highlights

  • Easy to set up for a part or all your software system

  • Integrated to Windows explorer
  • Access management by workflow
  • Use applicable to internal processes
  • All documents become electronic and are stored in one place

  • Access to the database anytime, anywhere
  • Teamwork tool
  • Interface with WinEUR Accounting and Payroll software

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Contact our M-FILES specialists

Nicolas Favre +41 22 309 39 88 nicolas.favre@git.ch

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