Since its inception, GIT has always tried to support humanitarian or athletic and/or local projects through associations of athletes.

logo-association-partagePARTAGE is a non-profit organisation, created in 2005. Its founding members are: the Salvation Army, CARE, Caritas Geneva, the association “Colis du Cœur” and Emmaüs.

The association’s aims and activities:

  • collecting, sorting, storing and daily packaging of food and hygiene products provided by more than 260 companies,
  • free distribution to associations and social services of the canton of Geneva,
  • collection of unconsumed cooked meals from institution,
  • daily production of soup, from surplus of vegetables, with same day delivery to beneficiaries,
  • offer of services to public authorities and businesses,
  • co-organisation of the biennial collection of food supplies in Geneva’s supermarkets: “Samedi du partage”, translating to the Saturday of sharing.
GIT has supported PARTAGE since its inception by providing ongoing support in terms of IT and its website, but also with specific actions. To mark its 30th anniversary, GIT chose to give the association a refrigerated truck.

PARTAGE needs support on a daily basis: help them, make a donation or become a volunteer!

logo-association-schtroumpfsLES SCHTROUMPFS (the Smurfs) SPORTS ASSOCIATION Geneva, created in 1976, is an association whose main purpose is integration through sports for people with disabilities. The association aims to provide opportunities for everyone who “is not quite like everybody else” to
take part in a sport.

GIT encourages this great initiative.

jeremy-desplanches-sponsor-gitGIT’s commitment to Jérémy DESPLANCHES lies in the continuity of previously awarded sponsorships, like the one offered to Swan Oberson, freestyle swimming athlete, world champion in 2011 and who took part in the 2012 London Olympics.

Through its support to Jérémy Desplanches, GIT reaffirms its commitment to forward the values conveyed through sports: – respect, honesty, commitment – excellence, education, life-skills and lifetime plan around those values.

GIT also communicates its commitment in favour of sports for the broader public as well as its support for a promising young Swiss athlete. En route to the 2016 Rio Olympics !

logo-help-for-hopeHELP FOR HOPE promotes equal opportunities for all children.

The emphasis is on disadvantaged children, by offering opportunities for a better future. 100% of donations go directly to projects. The results are real, visible and measurable.

Throughout the world, athletes run under the colours of Help For Hope with the idea that their efforts will induce support for the association.

Like GIT, join and support the association through your donations or by becoming a member directly on their website.

edulution-logoEDULUTION, active in Zambia, aims to train teachers and develop a basic education system (math and English) available where it is possible to teach with minimum resources (tables and chairs). GIT supports the association by providing free WinEUR licences to ensure proper and transparent operations.
Learn more by discovering Mulenga and Prosper’s story (3 minute video): Edulution story

logo-pkd-internationalThe global alliance to fight against polycystic kidney disease, which brings together people with the disease, their families and the medical profession, doctors and scientists.

PKD is a nongovernmental association based in Geneva, at GIT:
Frank Servais is its founder.

logo-terre-des-hommes-suisseTERRE DES HOMMES SUISSE has two sections, one in Geneva, the other in Basel, both working for the defence and promotion of children’s rights. Volunteering plays an important role in the organisation of the French-speaking chapter and is indispensible to the movement and their projects.

GIT supports the Marche de l’Espoir (March for Hope), flagship event organised since 1990 by Terre des Hommes, every second Sunday of the month of October in Geneva. This event brings together thousands of youths from the Canton and neighbouring France in solidarity with the children and disadvantaged families in the South. Each year a different country and a different theme related to children’s right are put forward in the advocacy work done beforehand in the schools.

WALK or SIMPLY VOLUNTEER: like us, join them ! /
Tél. +41 22 736 36 36

logo-croepiThe Committee for the Orientation and Professional Education of Invalids in French-speaking Switzerland

Social and home occupational service for persons receiving a disability pension, facing psychological difficulties. Social counsel, home occupations, at CROEPI or at the Boutique, which aims to restore confidence and contribute to the socialization of those not able to work in a sheltered workshop.

logo-theatre-carougeGIT is part of the “Club des 50” (50’s club) of the Théatre de Carouge and supports in this way the life of the city and its cultural projects.
Tél. +41 22 343 43 43