Frank Servais General Manager & Head of Sales

A true entrepreneur, he founded GIT shortly after leaving university with a degree in Economics. A keen researcher, he has developed and perfected IT solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. Always interested in new technologies, he is preparing for the future in an innovative environment.

Pascale Balestra
Head of Administration and After-sales services

Pascale Balestra and her team are in charge of administration, human resources and After-Sales Services. After working for a legal firm, she became responsible for administering and organising the Certificate and Diploma courses in Organisation at ASO, the Swiss Association for Organisation, which counts 320 members in the French-speaking part of Switzerland.
Pascale Balestra pursued her career as a management assistant with Fondetec, where she was responsible for the accounting department, and for managing the loans granted by this organisation to companies.

Eric Schütz
Head of Development

Eric Schütz and his team are responsible for developing and maintaining our products. Eric has a commercial education, and spent the first eleven years of his career working for an accounting firm. This enabled him to acquire a strong knowledge of commercial and accounting matters. After completing a degree in Computer Science, he converted from being a software user to developing his own management solutions. This quality, as well as his polyvalence often allow him to find optimally balanced solutions for our clients.

Mickaël Strazzeri IT manager

With his federal certificate of computer science in his pocket, his various certifications and his enthusiasm for everything related to computer networks, GED and telephony, our youngest member of management is precious to advise our employees and our customers.

Albin Delavy
Head of Marketing & Communication (Independant consultant)

After working at Hyundai Europe, Le and more than 14 years in this magnificent company GIT, it is difficult to leave this admirable adventure. As an independent, I dedicate time again to showcase this success and share with its loyal customers the innovation of its products.


Albina Asllani, Nadia Lahcen and Nathalie Jacquemoud

For all questions concerning accounting or other administrative issues,
contact them as of 8:30 AM at +41 22 309 39 99.


Vicente Gonzalez, Jean-Richard Sala

Vicente Gonzalez and Jean-Richard Sala are our Senior Consultants, specialists of the WinEUR software suite.

Do not hesitate to contact them: Vicente Gonzalez +41 22 309 39 84 /
Jean-Richard Sala +41 22 309 39 82

Nicolas Favre

Nicolas Favre is our M-FILES expert, our EDM solution (Electronic Document Management).

Do not hesitate to contact him: +41 22 566 42 00


Ismaël Garcia, Laurent Kubanski, Diogo Cardoso, Marie-Pierre Gudel, Steve Savary and Daniel Cerutti

Led by Eric Schütz, our developers make up a team with both experience and new fresh skills, improving day by day the WinEUR software and work of innovative projects each year.

Stéphane Grobety and Mickaël Strazzeri

Stéphane Grobety, head of Security, and Mickaël Strazzeri, head of IT work together with all GIT teams to ensure the reliability and stability of our services and various benefits.


Geoffroy Deville, Jean-Philippe Etter, Nicole Bosson, Patricia Herrmann, Nadia Lahcen, Denise Perren, Anthony Henin, Karine Fraisse.

Our technicians are experts: they are here to answer all your questions and difficulties you may encounter.

Do not hesitate to contact them: +41 22 309 39 77