WinEUR Web Portal

General aspects

WinEUR WEB PORTAL, offers a collaborative platform that is 100% web-based, 100% secure and 100% mobile. This online service allows for simple and secure sharing of files and all types of documents (invoices, contracts, balance sheets, accounting documents…).
WinEUR WEB PORTAL automates actions like with the automatic transfer of accounting documents to WinEUR IZI-Clik or automatic filing in GED M-Files.

Download the data sheet here: WinEUR Web Portal

More information: – Tel. +41 22 309 39 88

Product highlights

  • Online access, available everywhere, at all times and secure
  • Custom portal with the colours of your company
  • Send files in your customer area, organised by categories
  • Avoid problems related to file sharing by email (confidentiality, manual processing, size limits, …)
  • View, download and delete files
  • Automatically or manually (with a single click) send files to M-Files, or to Accounting through IZI-Clik.
  • Very simple configuration and administration of the portal: set categories, client lists, user management