The shares accounting software, WinEUR Portfolio, edited by GIT offers users multi portfolio and multi client management. It is also multi currency, multi company and multilingual. The programme is accessible through a local license or by CLOUD.

100% integrated to your accounting, accounting for transactions happens in real time, without interface, nor batch. It is thus possible to generate a profit or loss entry and have standard entries for share sales and purchases, with or without costs, for dividends, for FOREX, for bonds, etc.

WinEUR Portfolio allows for consolidation or breakdown of portfolios by bank, custodian, client or any other criterion.

The programme also calculates multi period and multi currency performance at portfolio, client or company level and at every stage of consolidation. It integrates among other features the management of all cash flows by portfolio or by company.

Want to know more ? Download the WinEUR Portfolio data sheet by clicking HERE.


What sets us apart : no intermediaries, we are editors in direct contact with our clients.

Be a WinEUR like family offices, wealth managers, banks and fiduciaries that have chosen WinEUR Portfolio, the share accounting software.